a division of Home School Legal Defense Association
April 1, 2002

Legislative Goals for the 107th Congress
Family & Religious Freedom Issues


  1. Passing the Children Tax ID Alternative Act. This legislation will allow families with religious objections to obtaining social security numbers for their children to submit alternative proof of identification of their children in order to claim their dependent tax deduction and child tax credits.

  2. Passing a constitutional amendment to protect traditional marriage. Support efforts to stop the expansion of legal rights for homosexuals and protect traditional marriage.

  3. Protecting second amendment freedoms in home schools. Amend of Part F of Title XIV, Section 14602(b) to codify a letter from Attorney General Reno to HSLDA that says that the Gun-Free School Zones provisions do not apply to home schools.

  4. Opposing Senate ratification of United Nations conventions and treaties that affect U.S. domestic policy on the family. This includes:

    • The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

    • The UN Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women.

  5. Opposing citizen tracking proposals through government regulation and policy

    This includes opposing:

    • Efforts to expand the use of Social Security numbers for identification.

    • Efforts that expand access by private companies to government databases.

    • Efforts to monitor the private financial activities of citizens through their banks and financial institutions like "Know-Your-Customer Rules."

    • Efforts to monitor and tract the immunization records of families through vaccine registries.

    • Efforts to track citizenship through the creation of any national identification card.

  6. Oppose executive orders that adversely affects the family. Monitor Executive Orders to be sure they do not adversely impact on family freedom.

  7. Oppose the passage of any legislation that negatively affects religious freedom or free speech. Such as so-called hate "thought" crimes and campaign finance reform.

  8. Oppose IRS efforts to regulate or tax web based speech. Oppose efforts by the IRS to regulate charities, tax-exempt organization and educational organizations based upon their use of the Internet. Such things as linking to another site are activities being considered for regulation.

  9. Support changing labor regulation to allow exemptions for home schoolers to work during traditional school hours. Under current labor law, home school students cannot hold a job, even one inside the home or parent's business, during normal school hours. Furthermore, they are restricted on the number of hours they can work per week after school hours. These restrictions severely limit the ability of home school students to actively participate in hands-on apprenticeship activities that are central to their learning process.

  10. Support changing DoD regulations to open access to DoD schools for home schoolers overseas. Correct the inconsistent and confusing implementation of the congressional directive to Department of Defense schools instructing them to allow home school military families to use DoD classes to supplement their teaching. The Director of DoD issued instructions to the DoD schools that have been confusing and need to be addressed by Congress.

  11. Support efforts to protect children from internet pornography. HSLDA supports efforts to block and screen inappropriate materials on the internet.

  12. Child Abuse Protection & Treatment Act. Include amendments in the reauthorization of CAPTA that require states to hold social workers to the same 4th amendment standards as police officers and to curtail anonymous tips.