a division of Home School Legal Defense Association
November 19, 1999

Goals 2000 is dead!

On November 17, Chairman of the Education and Workforce Committee, Congressman Bill Goodling, along with House and Senate Leadership reached an agreement with President Clinton on this year's Education Appropriations Bill.

The agreement gives President Clinton money for his 100,000 teachers program; however, Congress forced the president to fund this program by cutting spending on other education programs. In addition, twenty-five percent of the 100,000 teachers’ funds must be flexible, allowing the states to determine how they are spent.

Most importantly, this bill eliminates Goals 2000 beginning September 30, 2000.

Over the past five years, HSLDA has continually lobbied to repeal Goals 2000. Approximately, 250 congressional offices were visited by volunteer home schoolers during our Proclaim Liberty Rally this September. After strategy talks with HSLDA over the last three weeks, Congressman Goodling promised that he would not settle for less than the repeal of Goals 2000. The National Center for Home Education also alerted home schoolers to call key legislators and lobbied a dozen congressional offices. One staffer on the Education and Workforce Committee involved in the final negotiations remarked, “If HSLDA had not brought up the Goals 2000 issue, it would have never seen the light of day.”

The fight against Goals 2000 has been a long battle for home schoolers. Thank you for faithfully calling your congressmen over the last 5 years. This repeal could never have been achieved without your efforts. Congressman Goodling also deserves a great deal of credit for willingly standing in the gap for us.

Please take the time to write Mr. Goodling a letter, thanking him for his work to abolish Goals 2000.