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New law may be enacted without a public hearing

Washington, DC– Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) urges the New Jersey Legislature to hold a public hearing on bill AB 4033 before a vote is held. "To pass this bill without a public hearing would be a travesty of democracy," said Scott Woodruff HSLDA Staff Attorney.

HSLDA strongly opposes this bill because it places severe restrictions on the ability of parents to freely educate their children at home.

The bill mandates standardized testing for homeschoolers.

"Testing requirements make no difference to homeschool success. The extra bureaucracy just wastes homeschoolers' time and taxpayer dollars. It's a bad deal all round," said Woodruff.

The bill also suggests that homeschoolers, as a group, are not good parents by requiring that homeschool children submit to an annual medical exam.

New Jersey homeschool families are doing a good job raising their children. AB 4033 should be debated in public not the backrooms of the New Jersey Legislature.

If your organization would like to schedule an interview with Scott Woodruff please contact Ian Slatter, Director of Media Relations at (540) 338 8663 or via e-mail Ian@hslda.org.

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