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** Media Advisory **


Washington, DC - Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) Senior Counsel Chris Klicka will be in Illinois May 15-17 for The Illinois Christian Home Educators (ICHE) 2003 Annual State Convention. Klicka will be addressing approximately 4000 homeschoolers from around the state on a number of topics including "The Case for Home Schooling: A Look at the Many Benefits."

HSLDA enters into its 20th Anniversary year this spring and has been at the forefront of the modern homeschool movement. "Fighting for a parents' right to homeschool has been our mission for 20 years," said Klicka.

Homeschooling is entering the mainstream and this is in large part due to the efforts of the HSLDA legal team.

"Homeschool graduates are succeeding in all walks of life and consequently many more families are gaining the confidence to begin homeschooling for themselves," said Klicka.

Chris Klicka, homeschooling father of seven, is an author of a number of books including the newly released "Heart of Homeschooling: Teaching and Living What Really Matters" and the best-selling book, "Home Schooling: The Right Choice."

Klicka has worked for the last 18 years at HSLDA defending the rights of homeschooling families before the courts, state legislatures and Congress while handling over 6,000 legal conflicts with social workers, truant officers, superintendents, police and prosecutors.

Event - The Illinois Christian Home Educators 2003 Annual State Convention
Location - Calvary Church, 9 S 200 State Route 59, Naperville, IL
Date - May 15-17
Contact - ICHE, (815) 943 7882

If your organization would like to schedule an interview with Chris Klicka on topics such as how-to-homeschool, legal battles, benefits of homeschooling, social worker harassment, or his books please contact Ian Slatter, Director of Media Relations at (540) 338 8663 or via e-mail Ian@hslda.org.

Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) is a 20 year old, 75,000 member non-profit organization and the preeminent association advocating the legal right of parents to home school their children.