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The Right Writing Course
Volume 98, Program 14
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In our communication-oriented society, writing is an essential skill. And besides honing your student’s writing craft, the right composition course can even offer a jump-start on college credit! Learn more benefits of an AP course in English Comp, on today’s Home School Heartbeat with host Mike Farris.

Mike Farris:
My guest today is Erin Brown Conroy, who’s an author, speaker, adjunct professor, and a course developer for the Patrick Henry College Preparatory Academy’s AP course in English Language and Composition. Erin, welcome to the program and that would be a run-on sentence, wouldn’t it?

Erin Brown Conroy: Yes, thank you, Mike! It’s good to be here, and yes, that is a run-on sentence!

Okay! Alright, now that we’ve got that established, in your field—English composition—how would an AP course benefit a bright high school student, even beyond helping him or her earn college credit?

When taking an AP English composition course, there’s so much more the student gains beyond the credit and the money saved. There are at least three additional benefits that I see. First, we all know that in just about every college course, a student has to write. Writing turns out to be the number one way for students to show what they know. Well, the AP English comp course can give the student the ability to do just that.

Secondly, a good AP English composition course teaches us how to think clearly and communicate clearly in life.

Third of all, he or she gets an edge. You know, the course really gets into the best writing coaching that you can have to be able to shine in college, and then be able to go out into life and to gain respect as a communicator, as a leader, as a Christian, who can articulate his or her faith.

Erin, thank you so much! That’s great. We appreciate you joining us today, and we’re looking forward to your course with Patrick Henry College Preparatory Academy. I’m Mike Farris.

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