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Resources for studying ancient history
Volume 56, Program 15
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So you're ready to study ancient history. Home School Legal Defense Association Chairman and General Counsel Michael Farris suggests resources that will help to get you started, on today's edition of Home School Heartbeat.

    Michael Farris:
    I hope this week has inspired you to include the study of ancient history in your homeschool program. Let me give you a few suggestions to help you get started.

    Fellow homeschoolers Rob and Cyndy Shearer started Greenleaf Press so they could use the Bible as the centerpiece of their program. Biographies read in chronological order form the basis of their approach.

    My kids have enjoyed the video series That the World May Know, produced by Focus on the Family. God's purposeful plans in historic events are brought together throughout this series. One of the films in the series describes how Palestine served as a crossroads for the ancient world. Can't you imagine God planning to send his Word out to all men using these ancient trade routes?

    With the rise and popularity of classical education, more curricula have come available for ancient history studies as well. History survey books are available at your student's level and serve as a good starting point for exploring different nations in detail.

    Several classical literature programs exist which offer study suggestions in this area. A nation's literature is often a key to the questions that culture faced as well as the answers they found.

    This is one subject area you won't have any trouble researching on the web. Just enter the term "ancient history" into your search engine and you'll find countless resources on the web to personalize your study.

    Giving our children knowledge of the ancient world, the setting for Scripture, will strengthen their faith in God and is well worth the time involved. I'm Mike Farris.

Home School Legal Defense Association's ancient history resource sheet suggests a variety of books and other materials to supplement your homeschool studies. To request your free copy, visit our website at http://www.homeschoolheartbeat.com.

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Start exploring ancient history with our free resource sheet. You can use the books and other resources listed to plan an entire history unit or simply add extra sparkle to your homeschool program.

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