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PHC Appeals Accreditation Denial
Volume 39, Program 3
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Patrick Henry College teaches creationism. As a result, the college has been denied accreditation. Michael Farris outlines the college's preparations to appeal that decision on today's Home School Heartbeat.

    Michael Farris:

    The American Academy for Liberal Education has denied accreditation to Patrick Henry College because we teach creationism.

    As Patrick Henry's president�and as a long time lawyer for Home School Legal Defense Association�I have prepared our appeal and we will fight them on their own breach of their policies in reaching their decisions.

    The first stage of our appeal is to a panel of three independent people.

    We intend to argue several points.

    First, we'll argue that the AALE has broken two of its own policies in reaching this discriminatory conclusion. One policy promises no discrimination on the basis of religion. The second says that religious schools are free to place limitations on teaching based on religious doctrine.

    Second, we'll argue that AALE has discriminated against our religious views. They've accredited a Mormon college, that restricts faculty and students forbidding them from ever disagreeing with the LDS church. Yet the AALE refuses to accredit an evangelical Christian college that makes similar limitations.

    Third and most importantly, we are going to argue that we teach the truth and they're trying to force us to teach a lie. We'll have the golden opportunity to present the evidence that shows that evolution is flawed and that creationism is the only plausible scientific theory.

    It'll be a real fight. Please pray.

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