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February / March 1996
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Top Ten Most Populous Home Schooling States*

  1. Texas (11.3%) 90,400 students
  2. California (9.2%) 73,000 students
  3. Ohio (5.8%) 46,400
  4. Florida (5.4%) 43,200
  5. Georgia (4.4%) 38,200 students
  6. Washington (4.3%) 34,400 students
  7. New York (4.2%) 33,600 students
  8. Illinois (4%) 32,000 students
    Pennsylvania (4%) 32,000 students
  9. Michigan (3.4%) 27,200 students
* Percentages based on a conservative estimate of 800,000 home schooled students total nationwide. Data supplied by the Teaching Home Magazine and the Home School Legal Defense Association, evaluated by Dr. Brian Ray of the National Home Education Research Institute. (Many studies have concluded there are between 900,000 and 1.2 million children taught at home in the U.S.) The above figures cannot account for all home taught students, since many states do not report every type of home schooler. Many state laws do not require all types (i.e. religiously motivated) of home schoolers to file with local school districts. This data represents the best "guesstimate" available at the present time. Further study will hopefully produce even more in-depth data.