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Special Offer for Contest Participants:

Free writing resource

This year, HSLDA Bookstore is offering a resource to all essay contest participants: a free* copy of Marcy McDonald’s Writing: The Bridge Between Us companion set (student manual and teacher guide).

Click here to activate this special offer at the HSLDA Bookstore >>>

Note: this special offer is designed for those who intend to participate in the 2013 Essay Contest. While taking advantage of this offer does not require you to participate in the contest, we ask that you refrain from taking up limited resources if you are not considering participating this year.

Our twofold goal:

  1. To help students prepare the best possible essays for the upcoming contest;
  2. To offer homeschool families a great writing tool that will serve them for many years to come!

Parents, HSLDA wants to empower you to offer your children great advice in the area of persuasive writing. If this sounds intimidating, or if you are a veteran writer just interested in new creative ways to explain writing concepts, we encourage you to take advantage of this offer!

In her “step-by-step guide to writing well”, McDonald uses the analogy of building a bridge to help students visualize every aspect of the process that goes into writing a superior essay. Her accessible writing style and ability to explain make this resource ideal for students in middle and high school, and the material can be easily adapted for younger audiences.

Product description from the HSLDA Bookstore:

This companion set (student manual and teacher guide) teaches highschool and college composition from the perspective of a professional writer. Building from the ground up, students learn how to construct sound paragraphs, approach various types of organization, proofread, and apply their skills as they set out to write. This curriculum is a great launching point if you plan to submit essays as part of the GenJ book club, write for one of our essay contests, or just add a great resource to your writing program!

This offer is available to both HSLDA members and non-members. Offer ends December 1, 2013.

Limit: one book per family.

* With payment of shipping and handling, approximately $3 depending on location within U.S.

Questions? We have answers! Contact the Contest Coordinator at Contests@hslda.org.

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