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Second HSLDA Essay Contest
Category 1 Fourth Place


By Amber Grayford

Fifty thousand dollars. How much is it really worth? I could think of a million things that I could buy myself: a new car, a college tuition, the latest style of clothes that are outrageously overpriced, but what would it get me? All those things will pass away. Maybe I should do something that would make a lasting impact. I feel I should take the blessings I receive to bless others. How? I'd like to open up a Christian theater.

I enjoy drama and I absolutely love the movies. The smell of popcorn, the dimmed lights, the cozy seats. There's something magical about the theater. Sometimes though, the theater atmosphere is not always Christ like. I would like to create a place where people could come and watch a spectacular presentation without having to worry about it being inappropriate. A place run by fellow Christians who use their talents to spread the good news.

First we would have to find a place to be our theater. I would like it to be fairly easy for the public to find. Maybe it's an old church or just an unused building. Once we found the place, we'd start transforming it into a genuine theater. We'd need a stage, a curtain, somewhere for the audience to sit, and a backstage. The crew would be in charge of a sound system, lights, props and backdrops.

Of course even though all these things are well and good, the main part of a performance is the performers. I would like the organization to be a chance of fun, fellowship and memorable experiences for the performers. There would be auditions for certain roles, but anyone who wanted to participate would be able to be a part of the show. I think it would be neat to also have singing, dancing, and maybe even some gymnastics. I think a lot of Christians would love to be a part of this project. God gives each of us a special talent and I think they would really be put to good use.

What kind of shows would be put on? I'd like to have a variety of positive stories. From Bible tales to moral parables to providential history, as well as other good stories. Each play would be presented in the corresponding season, (the birth of Christ: Christmas season).

So imagine this: You just heard about this new theater that's putting on an Easter reenactment. "Oh, an Easter play. It's probably just a bunch of kids doing a puppet show or something." You say to yourself. "Well, what the heck. Maybe I should check it out. They are only asking for a couple of bucks." So you drive over there. Immediately after you walk through the door, you're greeted by a friendly face who smiles and says, "Welcome to ....... Hey! By the way, what's this theater called? How about Performers for Christ. So you walk into Performers for Christ Theater and take a seat. The lights dim and a sweet melody begins to play. The narrater welcomes you and the performance begins. There are the Actors, clothed in magnificent costumes, each to his own character. The sweet voice of the soloist fills the theater and a smile spreads across your face, but in the midst of all the lights and music, it's the story that burns deepest. JESUS CHRIST. How he could have called a thousand angels down to take his place on that cross, but he took ours instead. My goal would to be for you to leave Performers for Christ Theater filled with God's holy presence and a desire to do good unto others.

The purpose would not be to make ourselves look good, but to put a hope in the audience's heart with laughter, joy and the peace of Christ. I'm not sure if $50,000 is enough to do what I would like to accomplish with this project, but what I do know, is that if it's for a good purpose and is the Lord's will, it would work out. Even if only one life was touched, it would be more than worth it.