Senate Bill 393: Homeschool Students No Longer Exempt From Being Taken Into Temporary Custody


Last Updated: February 15. 2011
Senate Bill 393: Homeschool Students No Longer Exempt From Being Taken Into Temporary Custody
Senator Jim Wilson

Senator Wilson has again introduced a bill that would expose homeschool student to truancy sweeps during school hours. However, because of your action and that of state leaders like OCHEC, the Senate Education Committee Chairman has refused to hear the bill.

Senate Bill 393 would have removed the current protection in Oklahoma law that homeschool students are exempt from being taken into temporary custody by an attendance officer, peace officer, etc. when they are in public during normal school hours. Under Oklahoma law, homeschool students who in public during normal school hours and are involved in a legal activity (i.e. going to a local community college, music lessons, or simply running errands for their parents) simply would indicate that they are homeschooled and they should be free from being detained or taken into temporary custody.

Senator Wilson has, for the past few years, introduced a bill that would remove this protection. While these types of stops by attendance and police officers are typically aimed at loitering youths, a homeschooled student could be caught up and taken to a temporary detainment facility unless this protection remains.

HSLDA's Position:

We were opposed to this bill.

Action Requested:
None at this time

Introduced in the Senate on 2/7/2011
Sent to Senate Education Committee 2/8/2011
Senate Education Chairman John Ford has refused to hear bill, effectively killing this bill 2/10/11


As this bill is now dead, we would encourage you to email or send a note to Senate Education Committee Chairman Senator John Ford, and thank him for his actions against Senate Bills 393 and 394. You can give him the following message in your own words:

"Thank you for your action and commitment to prevent Senate Bills 393 and 394 from being heard in the Senate Education Committee. Oklahoma has long been a state that protects the freedom of 'other means of education,' and your action has ensured that Oklahoma will continue to do so for another year. Thank you for your help to keep home education free!"

Senator John Ford, Chairman, Education Committee
2300 N. Lincoln Blvd., Rm. 424A
Oklahoma City, OK 73105

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