House Bill 3645: Raising Compulsory School Attendance Age and Requiring Daily Attendance Records

South Carolina
South Carolina

Last Updated: June 24, 2010
House Bill 3645: Raising Compulsory School Attendance Age and Requiring Daily Attendance Records
T.R. Young, Merrill, Hardwick, J.R. Smith, D.C. Smith, Haley, Erickson, Stringer, Stewart, G.R. Smith, Harrison, Gullick, Nanney, Cato, Huggins, Crawford, Spires, Allison, Ballentine, Bannister, Bedingfield, Bingham, R. L. Brown, Clemmons, Clyburn, Cole, Forrester, Hamilton, Harrell, Hearn, Herbkersman, Horne, Hosey, Limehouse, Long, Millwood, Parker, E.H. Pitts, Sandifer, Scott, Sellers, Simrill, Sottile, Toole, White, Wylie, and A.D. Young

This bill would require school districts and homeschool associations to maintain daily attendance records for homeschool students (obviously from information first provided by the parent) and notify the Department of Motor Vehicles if a child over age 15 but under age 18 had seven or more unlawful absences, had been expelled, or had dropped out of school. The Department of Motor Vehicles would then suspend the child’s driver’s license.

This bill is basically a back-door approach to increasing South Carolina’s compulsory attendance age from 17 to 18. It would effectively require families conducting home instruction for their children to comply with the law for an additional year unless one of the exceptions mentioned above applied.

Also disturbing is that this bill would put homeschool associations in the business of daily monitoring of student attendance—a tremendous administrative burden that the current law does not require. Except in unusual circumstances, it is also highly unlikely that parents are going to provide information to a homeschool association that will result in the revocation of their children’s driver’s license.

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3/03/2009     (House)     Introduced and read first time
3/03/2009     (House)     Referred to Committee on Education and Public Works
4/22/2010     (House)     Recalled from the Committee on Education and Public Works
4/22/2010     (House)     R. L. Brown added name as sponsor
4/27/2010     (House)     24 hour point of order
4/28/2010     (House)     Debate requested on proposed amendment
4/28/2010     (House)     Rep. King removed name as sponsor
4/29/2010     (House)     Member request name added as sponsor: Clemmons
4/29/2010     (House)     Amended; read a second time; amendment passed: Yes 67, No 29
5/06/2010     (House)     Amended; debate adjourned until May 11, 2010
5/12/2010     (House)     Read third time and passed House: Yes 62, No 33
5/12/2010     (House)     Sent to Senate
5/13/2010     (Senate)     Introduced and read first time
5/13/2010     (Senate)     Referred to Committee on Finance
5/26/2010     (Senate)     Favorable report from Committee on Finance
5/27/2010     (Senate)     Scrivener's error corrected
6/03/2010     (Senate)     Bill died when Legislature adjourned

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