House Bill 109: Compulsory School Attendance


Last Updated: March 12, 2010
House Bill 109: Compulsory School Attendance
Representatives Hammons, Connolly, Craft, Jaggi, Lubnau, McKim, and McOmie and Senators Coe, Landen, Massie, Sessions, and Von Flatern

If passed, H.B. 109 would require parents with children under age 18 to meet with a school district official and sign consent before the child may be withdrawn from school attendance.

Representative Hammons has pledged to amend the bill to include language that would exempt parents from this requirement if they express their intent to enroll the child in another recognized form of education (including a home-based educational program). We believe that his amended language will ensure that parents are allowed to remove a child from public school and enroll them in a home-based educational program without undue burden.

HSLDA's Position:

Neutral if amended.

Action Requested:
None at this time

2/11/2010 (House) Introduced and referred to the Education Committee
2/16/2010 (House) Education Committee recommendation: amend and pass
2/16/2010 (House) Placed on general file
2/17/2010 (House) Amendment adopted
2/17/2010 (House) Passed Committee of the Whole
2/18/2010 (House) Amendment failed
2/18/2010 (House) Passed 2nd reading
2/19/2010 (House) Passed 3rd reading
2/22/2010 (Senate) Introduced and referred to Senate Education Committee
2/23/2010 (Senate) Education Committee recommendation: do pass
2/23/2010 (Senate) Placed on General File
2/24/2010 (Senate) Passed Committee of the Whole
2/25/2010 (Senate) Passed 2nd reading
2/26/2010 (Senate) Passed 3rd reading
2/26/2010 (Senate) Assigned number HEA 0021
3/1/2010 (House) Speaker signed HEA number 0021
3/2/2010 (Senate) President signed HEA number 0021
3/4/2010 Governor signed - Chapter CH0025 effective 7/1/2010

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