Assembly Bill 412: Positive Change to Homechool Law

New York
New York

Last Updated: April 10, 2017
Assembly Bill 412: Positive Change to Homechool Law
Assemblyman William Magnarelli Co-sponsored by Assemblywoman Vivian Cook, Carrie Woerner, Crystal Peoples-Stokes, Kimberly Jean-Pierre, Alicia Hyndman Multi-sponsored by Assemblymen William Magee, Frank Skartados, Fred Thiele

Assembly Bill 412 would make some positive changes to the homeschool law in New York. This bill would also move the law from being a regulation under the authority of the Commissioner of Education to a state statute.

Under AB 412 homeschool parents would:

1) Be able to choose the alternative written narrative evaluation for the year end assessment every other year from grades 4 through 12. This evaluation may still be done through grades 1 through 3. Currently a parent may only choose this option every other year between grade 4 through 8.

2) Not have to obtain the consent of the superintendent regarding who may administer the year end assessment. Instead, the parent may simply choose one of the options provided currently under New York law.

3) Only have to ensure that the minimum composite score of a standardized achievement test be above the 23rd percentile (or demonstrate one years progress). Current law requires the composite score to be above the 33rd percentile or demonstrate one years progress.

4) Have a right to obtain a letter of substantial equivalency if their child completed a home instruction program in compliance with New York law. Currently the New York State Education Department strongly encourages districts to write these letters.

Assembly Bill 412 would not eliminate the quarterly reports like Senate Bill 464 would.

HSLDA's Position:
Action Requested:

1. Come to the Legislative Day at the Capitol on April 25, 2017, to participate with Loving Education at Home (LEAH) and represent homeschooling. You can register for the event here. If you would like to help with the event you can email .

2. If you can't come to the Legislative Day at the Capitol, please pray for the event. If you would like to simply donate to LEAH you can do so online. Please support LEAH's legislative efforts!


01/09/2017     Referred to Education Committee


The current New York homeschool regulations were adopted in 1988. Under current law homeschool parents have to submit seven separate documents every year to their local school district in order to educate one child.

Many times local school districts misunderstand their responsibility under the law and attempt to micro manage the homeschool program. Other districts harass parents when they loose a quarterly report, sometimes reporting the parent to social services. Who administers the annual assessments can also be another source of difficulty for a homeschool parent. It is time for change.

LEAH and HSLDA have been working for several years to provide greater freedom for homeschool parents and to reduce the burden on local school districts. The goal is to allow parents to focus on educating their children and not submitting paperwork while at the same time ensuring that the district is aware parents are educating their children in compliance with the law. We believe Assembly Bill 412 is one way in which to do this.

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