February 24, 2004

Prezioso-Minard Amendment to Senate Bill 439

Senators Prezioso and Minard moved to amend the bill on page three, section four, line twenty-one, after the word "practices." by inserting the following: Proof of immunization is not required for a child entering school if the parent or guardian of the child entering school submits a signed notarized statement, attested to by a member of the clergy or religious representative who is authorized to perform marriages in the state pursuant to the provisions of article two, chapter forty-eight of this code, to the county superintendent of schools, or his or her designee, stating that the parent or guardian has received information from the department of health and human resources as required by subsection (a) of this section, understands the risks and benefits of the immunizations and the potential risks of nonimmunization and that due to religious belief(s) the parent or guardian does not consent to the immunization of the child entering school.;


On page seven, section four, line one hundred three, after the word "immunized" by inserting a comma and the words "and is not exempted from immunization,".

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