April 26, 2007

Senate Bill 5448: Allows for Parent-Taught Driver’s Education

Senators, Dan Swecker, Don Benton, Tim Sheldon, Cheryl Pflug, and Jerome Delvin

With the help of Christian Homeschool Network of Washington (CHN) and others we have been working on bill that would allow parents to provide driver's education to their own children.

Senate Bill 5448 would allow parents the option of using an approved driver's education course to provide the actual classroom instruction at home instead of enrolling their child in a commercial driving school. Statistics have shown that parental involvement in driver's education can save lives and teach children under 18 to be better drivers.

Several families responded to a request to attend the public hearing on this bill in February and favorable testimony was heard from the National Driver Training Institute and others. While the bill did not get passed out of committee, there is another transportation bill that could still be used to allow parent taught drivers education.

1/19/2007First reading, referred to Senate Committee on Transportation
2/14/2007A public hearing in the Senate Committee on Transportation was held
3/14/2007Did not pass the Senate deadline for transmittal to House

HSLDA's Position:
HSLDA Supports Bill 5448

Action Requested:
No action is required at this time.


Parents have two choices for their children's driver education: pay for their children to be taught how to drive at a commercial driving school by certified instructors, or try to persuade the local public schools to make room in their driver's education courses.

Many states allow parents a third option: teach your own children how to drive. States for too long has restricted parents' right to teach their children to drive.

Now we have an opportunity to pass Senate Bill 5448 to expand parental choices and end the unfair discrimination against parents.

In addition, statistics show parent-taught driver training saves lives. For example, compare the following facts:

According to insurance company statistics, out of every 100 teen drivers:

  • 37 will be ticketed for speeding,
  • 28 will be involved in accidents,
  • 13 will be injured in an automobile accident,
  • 4 will be ticketed for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and
  • 1 will be killed in an automobile accident.

On the other hand, according to a University of Colorado-Colorado Springs survey, for every 100 students using a parent-taught driver education program (provided by the National Driver Training Institute of Colorado Springs):

  • 8 were ticketed for speeding,
  • 8 were involved in accidents,
  • 6 were injured in automobile accidents,
  • 1 was ticketed for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and there were NO fatalities.

This study and others demonstrate that parent-taught driver education produces safer drivers.

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