February 6, 2007

House Bill 202: Protecting the Parental Right to Make Medical Decisions for Children

Representative Michael T. Morley (R)

House Bill 202 prohibits school personnel from making certain medical, psychiatric, and psychological recommendations for children, conducting certain evaluations and health screenings, and reporting child abuse or neglect to authorities based on a parent or guardian's refusal to obtain certain treatment for a child.

12/20/2006(House) Numbered bill made available for public distribution
12/21/2006(House) Bill assigned to staff for fiscal analysis
12/28/2006(House) Bill sent to agencies for fiscal input
1/9/2007(House) Fiscal note sent to sponsor
1/9/2007(House) Received from General Counsel
1/10/2007(House) Fiscal note sent to floor
1/10/2007(House) Sent to printing with fiscal note
1/11/2007(House) Received bill with fiscal note from print
1/15/2007(House) Read first time (Introduced)
1/15/2007(House) Referred to Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Committee
1/17/2007(House) Committee amendment recommendation
1/17/2007(House) Committee favorable recommendation
1/17/2007(House) Read second time
1/23/2007(House) Read third time
1/23/2007(House) Circled
1/24/2007(House) Uncircled
1/24/2007(House) Amended
1/24/2007(House) Passed third reading
1/24/2007(House) Sent to Senate
1/25/2007(Senate) Read first time (Introduced)
1/29/2007(Senate) Referred to Health and Human Services Committee
1/30/2007(Senate) Referred to Education Committee
2/1/2007(Senate) Favorable recommendation from Education Committee
2/8/2007(Senate) Read second time
2/8/2007(Senate) Circled
2/13/2007(Senate) Uncircled
2/13/2007(Senate) Motion, Special order
2/14/2007(Senate) Passed second reading
2/15/2007(Senate) Read third time
2/15/2007(Senate) Floor amendment
2/15/2007(Senate) Passed third reading
2/15/2007(Senate) Sent to House with amendments
2/15/2007(House) Received from Senate
2/15/2007(House) Placed on concurrence calendar
2/16/2007(House) Concurs with Senate amendments
2/16/2007(House) Sent to Senate
2/16/2007(Senate) Received from House
2/16/2007(Senate) Signed by President, sent to House
2/16/2007(House) Received from Senate
2/16/2007(House) Signed by Speaker, sent for enrolling
2/19/2007Draft of enrolled bill prepared
2/23/2007(House) Bill returned to House for further action
2/23/2007(Senate) Recalled by Senate
2/23/2007(House) Sent to Senate
2/23/2007(Senate) Received from House
2/23/2007(Senate) Place back third
2/23/2007(Senate) Floor amendment
2/23/2007(Senate) Passed third reading
2/23/2007(Senate) To House with amendments
2/23/2007(House) Received from Senate
2/23/2007(House) Placed on concurrence calendar
2/23/2007(House) Concurs with Senate amendments
2/23/2007(House) Sent to Senate
2/23/2007(Senate) Signed by President, sent to House
2/23/2007(House) Received from Senate
2/26/2007(House) Signed by Speaker, sent for enrolling
2/26/2007Bill received from House for enrolling

HSLDA's Position:
Support. Though this bill does not specifically address homeschoolers, it protects parental rights, upon which the right to homeschool is based.

Action Requested:
None at this time.

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