Rhode Island
Rhode Island

July 18, 2005

Senate Bill 864: An Act Relating to Civics Education Requirements

Senators Gallo, P Fogarty, C Levesque, Walaska, and Felag.

As the bill was originally worded, it would have required the Board of Regents to establish standards for a k-12 civics curriculum, and no private school or private instruction would have been approved that did not follow this curriculum. SB 864 would have had the effect of requiring all private and homeschool programs to follow the state standards for civics in all grades. After opposition from HSLDA members and state homeschool organizations, the bill was amended to read that the civics education standards would apply to public schools. We will work with Rhode Island homeschoolers to ensure that the Board of Regents does not try to take away homeschool freedom by requiring homeschool families to follow the state civics curriculum.

03/02/2005(Senate): Introduced, referred to Education Committee.
03/17/2005(Senate): Committee Hearing, Committee recommended that bill be held for further study.
03/30/2005(Senate): Committee Hearing, Committee recommended that bill be held for further study.
05/03/2005(Senate): Committee Hearing, Committee recommends passage of substitute A.
05/04/2005(Senate): Bill placed on Senate Calendar.
05/10/2005(Senate): Bill scheduled for Senate floor vote.
05/18/2005(House): House Health, Education, and Welfare Committee Hearing. Time: Rise of the House. Location: Room 135 - State House. Committee continued the bill.
06/24/2005(House): Committee Hearing, Health, Education and Welfare 3:30 PM ROOM 135. Committee recommended passage of Sub A in concurrence.
06/28/2005(House): Sub A passed in concurrence.
07/06/2005(House): Signed by governor.

HSLDA's Position:
Neutral, since the bill was amended.

Action Requested:
No more action is necessary.

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