August 22, 2005

Senate Bill 415: Bill to Require Reporting to Local School Districts

Senate Bill 415: Bill to Require Reporting to Local School Districts

Among other things, Senate Bill 415 would have reorganized the current Education Service Districts (ESD's) and reduce the number of ESD’s from twenty to eight. We have been were told that this is necessary in order to eliminate wasteful spending. However, Senate Bill 415 would have placed additional restrictions on homeschoolers by requiring some to file with their local public school district rather than their local ESD. With the help of OCEANetwork we developed on a two part strategy to turn this bill into one homeschoolers could support.

First, we wanted to remove the section in Senate Bill 415 that would require parents in some areas to file their notice of intent and test scores with the local public school district. Part of the reorganization scheme of Senate Bill 415 would have removed large school districts with a population of 10,000 students or more from the ESD system. While this is not necessarily bad, homeschool parents in these new large school districts would have been required to send their homeschool paperwork to the school district.

This two tiered system could have created a problem because some parents would be subject to the local school district and others to the ESD. Senate Bill 415 also would have reduced the freedom of homeschooling parents in Oregon and allow these large school district superintendents to force parents to send their children to public school if they score poorly on standardized achievement tests three years in a row.

01/27/05Introduction and first reading. Referred to President's desk.
02/01/05Referred to Education and Workforce, then Revenue.
02/07/05Public Hearing Scheduled 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.
02/11/05Public Hearing Scheduled.
04/04/05Work Session held.
04/14/05Recommendation: Without recommendation as to passage.
06/20/05Referred to Revenue by prior reference.
08/05/05In committee upon adjournment.
The Legislature Adjourned Sine Die on August 5, 2005 so this bill is now dead

HSLDA's Position:
HSLDA opposed this bill as it is was written.

Requested Action:
No action required as this bill is now dead.

Oregon currently has twenty Education Services Districts (ESD's) which oversee all of the local public school districts. Under the home education laws, a homeschool family must submit their notice of intent to teach their children at home and submit, upon request, the test results for grades 3, 5, 8, and 10 to their ESD. This prevents a family from being subject to their local school district and removes homeschoolers from scrutiny at the local level.

If Senate Bill 415 is had been enacted, many homeschool families will find themselves reporting to their local public school district. Under this bill, if a child had performed does poorly on one of the standardized achievement tests in grades 3, 5, 8, or 10 they would have been required to be given another test the next year. If another poor test result had occurred then the local public school superintendent could order the family to be under the supervision of a certified teacher. The homeschool parent would be responsible for paying for their own supervision. If a third test result had been negative then the local public school district superintendent would have the ability to order the family to send that child to the public school.

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