June 7, 2007

Senate Bill 404: Revises Homeschool Law


S.B. 404-R4 has passed both the Nevada Assembly and Senate and is on its way to the governor! Although amended four times since the original we are very pleased with the outcome. Your emails and phone calls made a huge difference; we kept hearing throughout the session once a committee passed the bill, “Please stop the emails!” Here is quick overview of the many sweeping positive aspects of the bill. This new law takes effect July 1, and is recognition by the Legislature of your hard work!

New Freedoms for Homeschoolers

  • Establishes a one-time notification of intent to homeschool to be the local school district when the child begins to homeschool. This exempts the child from the compulsory attendance law.
  • Eliminates the requirement that homeschoolers provide “equivalent instruction to public schools.” The law now clearly gives the parent the right to direct the education of the child and full responsibility to determine what, when, and how the child is being educated.
  • Requires the school district to accept a notice of intent (they are barred from requiring or requesting anything more than what is in the law) and may not “deny” a notice that contains the required information:
    1. Name, age, gender of child;
    2. Name and address of parent;
    3. An educational plan, as appropriate for the age and skill level of the child at the time of filing for the first year of homeschooling.
    4. The last Nevada public school attended, if applicable; and
    5. A privacy statement if you so wish to sign.
  • Upon receipt of the notification of intent to homeschool that contains the above information a district must give the parent a “written acknowledgement... that the parent has provided the notification required by law and that the child is being homeschooled.”
  • Requires the districts to give adequate notice about testing opportunities for high school students and availability to homeschool students, such as the high school proficiency exam and college entrance exams (needed to qualify for the Millennium Scholarship) as well as information on the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Exam, via the Internet.
  • Establishes a religious liberty clause for homeschool parents and children.
  • Clearly defines the word “parent.”
  • Establishes the Nevada court system as the arbitrator of disputes regarding the education of the child. This includes disputes between the parent who is providing the education and the local school district, or a county or state child welfare department, or two parents in a divorce proceeding.
  • Includes an anti-discrimination clause by “a school or organization” against a child who is or was homeschooled.
  • Clarifies in law how districts may evaluate coursework done by a homeschooled child for entrance into a public high school.
  • Requires the Department of Education to adopt regulations for the local Districts to provide special education programs and services to homeschool children if the parents want them. This reflects requirements of current Federal law and regulations.

We wish to thank the following people for their hard work at getting this bill passed:

Frank Schnorbus, Nevada Homeschool Network (NHN)
Barbara Dragon, NHN, and Douglas County homeschool parents
Elissa Wahl, NHN, Eagles Homeschool Co-op Group, Las Vegas
Irene Rushing, Home Educators of Faith (HEoF), Reno/Sparks
Carl Lucas, NHN, HEoF, and Pershing County homeschool parents
Tina Goodman, NHN, TEACH, Churchill County homeschool parents
Kelley Radow, Eagle Home School Co-op, NNHS, Reno
Sharron Angle, former homeschooler, former assemblywoman

3/19/2007(Senate) Read first time. Referred to Committee on Human Resources and Education.
4/12/2007(Senate) Hearing in Senate Human Resources and Education Committee, passed unanimously
5/14/2007(Senate) Full Senate passed unanimously
5/30/2007Passed Assembly Education Committee, with amendments
6/4/2007Sent to governor

HSLDA's Position:
HSLDA supports this bill.

Action Requested:
None requested at this time.

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