New Jersey
New Jersey

January 15, 2004

Assembly Bill 4033: Imposes Annual Testing and Medical Exam Requirement

Loretta Weinberg
Gordon Johnson
Joseph Doria
Elba Perez-Cinciarella
Joan Quigley

This bill requires homeschooled children to take a statewide assessment test. In addition, it requires the parents or guardians of a homeschooled child to provide documentation to the school board of education that the child has undergone an annual medical examination. The bill would give the Board of Education power to define homeschooling, and thus control it.

This bill is now dead as last year's legislative session has closed.

HSLDA's Position:
Strongly oppose!

Action Requested:

  1. TODAY, FRIDAY, call the local district office (not the Trenton office) of your senator and both of your assemblymen. (See our legislative toolbox for the phone number.) After you briefly explain what the bill is about (remember that your senator and assemblymen probably know absolutely NOTHING about the bill), your message can be as simple as: "Please vote against AB 4033, or any maneuver to bring it to a vote without the public scrutiny of a hearing. State law already requires homeschoolers to provide an education equivalent to that provided in public schools. That is sufficient. State law already requires parents to provide adequate medical care for their children. Don't punish thousands of parents for the failure of DYFS to do its job protecting the Jackson children in Collingswood."

  2. If possible, it is even more effective to visit your senator and both assemblymen personally in their local district office TODAY, FRIDAY (not in their Trenton office). Today is the last day you will be able to visit them personally before the possible vote Monday.

  3. If you can't visit or call Friday, please visit each local district office personally on Monday, as early as possible. If you can't visit on Monday, call.

  4. Pass this on to EVERY homeschooler you know. Many do NOT have email. Ask your neighbors and relatives to visit and call, too. If a family you call has already gotten this email, encourage them to take action. It is extremely important for each lawmaker to know this bill is STRONGLY opposed by his constituents.

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