North Dakota
North Dakota

May 1, 2009

Senate Bill 2161: Requiring Parents to Submit Children’s Identification Information

Judiciary Committee

This bill would repeal Section 54-23.2-04.2 of the North Dakota Century Code which describes the documentation that a homeschooling parent must submit to public school officials to establish the identity of a child. However, these same provisions would be codified in a new edition of the Code. So the net effect would be no change in the law.

1/6/2009 (Senate) Introduced, first reading, referred Judiciary
1/14/2009 (Senate) Senate Committee Hearing 10:15
1/15/2009 (Senate) Re-referred to Appropriations
1/22/2009 (Senate) Committee Hearing 3:30
1/26/2009 (Senate) Request return from committee
1/27/2009 (Senate) Second reading, passed, Yes-47, No 0
1/28/2009 (House) Received from Senate
2/25/2009 (House) Introduced, first reading, referred Judiciary
3/9/2009 (House) Committee hearing at 9:00
3/18/2009 (House) Reported back amended, do pass, amendment yes 11, no 0
3/19/2009 (House) Amendment adopted, placed on calendar
3/20/2009 (House) Second reading, passed as amended, yes 83, no 0
3/20/2009 Returned to Senate
4/10/2009 (Senate) Refused to concur
4/10/2009 (Senate) Conference committee appointed Senators Lyson, Olafson, and Nelson
4/15/2009 (House) Conference committee appointed Senators Klemin, Koppelman, and Wolf
4/22/2009 (Senate) Appointed Sen. Schneider to replace Sen. Nelson on conference committee
4/22/2009 (Senate) Reported back from conference committee, placed on calendar (Senate accede)
4/23/2009 (Senate) Conference committee report adopted
4/23/2009 (Senate) Second reading, passed; yes 46, no 0
4/23/2009 (House) Reported back from conference committee, placed on calendar (Senate accede)
4/24/2009 (House) Conference committee report adopted
4/27/2009 (House) Signed by Speaker
4/28/2009 (Senate) Signed by President
4/28/2009 (Senate) Sent to Governor

HSLDA’s Position:
This bill should be monitored

Action Requested:
None at this time.

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