North Dakota
North Dakota

June 14, 2007

Senate Bill 2371: A Bill Amending the Home Education Statute

Senators Heckaman, Freborg, and Hacker

As originally introduced, Senate Bill 2371 would have changed the law to permit grandparents and foster parents to homeschool, to clarify that homeschool students only have to take the basic battery of standardized tests, and to permit parents to choose a test that was not nationally normed. As amended, the bill would not have even permitted grandparents to homeschool and also did the following:

  • Required monitoring by a certified teacher to continue beyond two years if the student scored below grade level or below the 50th percentile in any subject;
  • Imposed monitoring for one year on any family at the family’s expense if the superintendent of public instruction determined that the family had violated any provision of the homeschool law;
  • Required testing in grades 3, 4, 6, 8, and 11 with the state assessment or with a nationally normed standardized achievement test;
  • Required the parent choosing a standardized achievement test to pay for the cost of having the test administered in all cases;
  • If a remediation plan were implemented because of a low test score, the student would have to have continued to be evaluated for progress by the superintendent until the student scored “above the lowest achievement level on every subject tested on the state assessment, a score at or above the thirtieth percentile on every subject tested on a nationally normed standardized achievement test” or a score demonstrating one year of academic progress.

1/22/2007 Introduced, first reading, and referred to the Education Committee
2/6/2007 Committee Hearing
2/9/2007 Reported back amended, do pass, amendment
2/12/2007 Amendment adopted, placed on calendar S.J. 419
2/14/2007 Division of bill. Division A passed, Division B lost. Second reading, and passage
2/15/2007 Received from Senate
2/21/2007 Introduced, first reading, referred Education
2/28/2007 Committee Hearing
3/12/2007 Calendared with Committee Recommendation of “Do Not Pass”

HSLDA's Position:
HSLDA strongly opposed this legislation.

Action Requested:
None at this time.

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