May 1, 2009

Senate File 1328: Omnibus Education Provisions Modifications and Appropriations

Senate File 1328 Sponsors:
Senators Olson, Skogen, Stumpf, Fobbe and Hann

S.F. 1328 is an omnibus Education bill containing a large amount of legislation regarding education. The provisions from the mandate reduction bill H.B. 846/S.B. 1037 have been included in this bill. If passed, S.F. 1328 greatly reduces reporting requirements for homeschoolers and enhances homeschooling freedom in Minnesota. These changes included in this bill would:

  1. Limit families reporting to only once when they start homeschooling or when they move;
  2. Allow homeschool students to take a nationally recognized college entrance exam or a nationally norm-referenced standardized test;
  3. Eliminate the requirement that parents obtain additional evaluation of a student’s abilities should the student score less than the 30th percentile;
  4. Eliminate the current requirement that parents provide quarterly report cards if their only qualification is that they are the parent of the child;
  5. Eliminate the requirement that parents submit an annual instructional calendar;
  6. Require parents to maintain (vs. make available) documentation that the student is being taught the required subjects;
  7. Parents of students educated at home would only be required to submit immunization reports the first year their child is homeschooled (i.e. when the child is 7) and the child’s 7th grade year;
  8. Allow parents to certify that a student is presently engaged in home education for the purposes of taking home-classroom driver training;
  9. Allow the person in charge of providing instruction to issue an employment certificate; and
  10. Repeal language pertaining to an annual on-site visit.
  11. Only allow schools with 15 or more students to receive educational materials from the school district

Bill Status:
3/9/2009(Senate) Introduced and first reading
3/9/2009(Senate) Referred to Finance Committee
4/3/2009(Senate) Committee report: To pass as amended and re-refer to the Taxes Committee
4/6/2009(Senate) Committee Report: To pass as amended
4/6/2009(Senate) Second reading
4/7/2009(Senate) Special Order: Amended
4/7/2009(Senate) Third reading passed 37-29
4/7/2009(Senate) Laid on table
4/24/2009(Senate) HF substituted by motion HF 2

HSLDA’s Position:

Action Requested:
None at this time.

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