April 6, 2009

House File 1179/Senate File 1253: Omnibus Prekindergarten through Grade 12 Education Policy Provision Modifications

House File 1179 Sponsors:
Rep. Mariani

Senate File 1253 Sponsors:
Senators Wiger, Bonoff, Saltzman, Olson and Sieben

House File 1179 and Senate File 1253 are companion bills that contain a large amount of legislation relating to education. Included in this bill are several provisions that affect homeschoolers. These provisions originated from the homeschool mandate reduction bill. Other provisions from the mandate reduction bill are being reviewed by other committees and may be passed as a separate bill or as part of another omnibus legislation package. If passed, these provisions would allow parents to certify their children’s homeschool and home-classroom driver training status for the purpose of receiving an instruction permit. Parents would be able to issue an employment certificate to their 14- and 15-year-old children, and they would only be required to submit immunization reports the first year their child is homeschooled (i.e. when the child is 7) and the child’s 7th grade year.

House File 1179 Status:
2/26/2009(House) Introduced and first reading, referred to K-23 Education Policy and Oversight
3/30/2009(House) Committee report: To pass as amended and re-referred to Finance
4/1/2009(House) Referred by chair to K-12 Education Finance Division

Senate File 1253 Status:
3/9/2009(Senate) Introduced
3/9/2009(Senate) Referred to Education Committee
3/12/2009(Senate) Author added: Sieben
3/12/2009(Senate) Withdrawn and re-referred to State and Local Government Operations and Oversight Committee
3/30/2009(Senate) Committee Report: To pass as amended and re-referred to Finance

HSLDA’s Position:

Action Requested:
None at this time.

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