May 29, 2008

House Bill 908: Extends Spousal Rights to Civil Unions

Representatives Calvin K.Y. Say and Blake K. Oshiro

House Bill 908 was carried over from the 2007 legislative session. This bill would have extended the same rights and privileges to civil unions that are reserved for married men and women.

House Bill 908 would have extended these benefits to same-sex couples and men and women who live together but are not married. The same rights of a spouse such as health care, employee benefits, probate (wills), death and burial would have been available to same-sex couples and non-monogamous households.

While the bill defined this relationship as a “Civil Union” its purpose was to recognize same-sex relationships as equal to a marriage in above mentioned areas. If this bill passed, “Civil Unions” would have had the same rights and privileges as a “husband” or “wife” and would have been defined as a “family” in these respective areas.

Why did Home School Legal Defense Association oppose this bill? Our freedom to educate our children is based upon “Western civilization concepts of the family as a unit with broad parental authority over minor children.” Same-sex marriage or domestic partnerships attack the traditions of the family in Western civilization upon which the foundation of parental choice in education and basic parental rights are based upon.

House Bill 908 was a step in further recognizing same-sex relationships as marriage in Hawaii.

8/27/2008Carried over to 2008 Regular Session

Bill died when legislature adjourned.

HSLDA's Position:
HSLDA opposed H.B. 908.

Action Requested:
No Action is requested at this time.

How does defining marriage as being between one man and one woman potentially affect your right to homeschool your children? Here is what the Supreme Court said in 2000 in the case of Troxel v. Granville:

“Our jurisprudence historically has reflected Western civilization concepts of the family as a unit with broad parental authority over minor children. Our cases have consistently followed that course.”

Thus, parental rights are based on “western civilization concepts of the family.” When those concepts are no longer the legal definition of the family in this nation, then the foundation upon which parental rights are based is completely removed. Therefore, HSLDA will continue to fight against same-sex marriage. Same-sex marriage attacks the traditions of the family in western civilization. This is an attack on parental rights. This is a battle the homeschooling movement cannot afford to lose.

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