May 29, 2008

House Bill 1000: Adds HPV to the Mandatory Teen Vaccination Program

Representative Karl Rhoads

House Bill 1000 was carried over from the 2007 legislative session. House Bill 1000 would have required the Department of Health to include information on the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine along with the regular information on immunizations, infectious disease, medications, or other school health issues to parents and guardians of students in grades six (6) through twelve (12).

Under House Bill 1000 the Department for Public Health would have required teenage females to receive the HPV vaccine as part of the regular vaccination program. The Department for Public Health would have been required to provide this vaccination free of charge to “at risk” teens; creating a greater tax burden to Hawaii taxpayers.

8/27/2008Carried over to 2008 Regular Session

Bill died when legislature adjourned.

HSLDA's Position:
HSLDA opposed H.B. 1000.

Action Requested:
No Action is requested at this time.

Human papillomavirus, or HPV, is a group of viruses that have about 100 different strains or types. Over 30 of these viruses are sexually transmitted. While most HPV infections are dealt with by the body’s immune system and no symptoms occur, there are several types that can cause cancer or genital warts. For more information about HPV see the Center for Disease Control and Prevention information.

Those who are most likely to get HPV are those who have sex at an early age, have many sex partners, or have a sex partner who has had many partners.

However, the vaccine, Gardasil, will not cure or treat HPV. There is currently no cure for these sexually transmitted viruses. Even the FDA and the CDE admit the only “cure” is abstinence before marriage and a monogamous relationship during marriage.

HSLDA believes that parents should be the ones to determine whether this immunization is right for their daughters, and not forced upon them by the legislature. This is more of a parental rights issue than a homeschool issue. However, it is vitally important that homeschool families take a stand for parental freedom in Hawaii.

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