November 9, 2009

House Bill 1057: Parental Leave for Academic Activities

Rep. James Kerr

Allows an employee of an employer who employs at least 10 employees in this state to take unpaid leave for the purpose of attending parent-teacher conferences or other academic activities related to the educational advancement of the employee’s child. The unpaid leave time includes homeschool parent-teacher conferences or homeshcool academic activities. Limits the unpaid leave to 6 hours per month and 40 hours in any academic year. Permits the employer to require the employee to take leave in no greater than 3-hour increments and to provide written verification from the school or school district of the academic activity necessitating the leave. Requires the employee to provide the employer with at least 3 days’ notice of the leave except in emergency situations where the employee is not aware of the need for leave 3 days in advance. Directs employees to make reasonable attempts to schedule conferences or other activities outside of regular work hours. Allows an employee to elect to substitute accrued paid vacation leave, personal leave, or other types of paid leave for unpaid leave. Specifies that an employer that provides comparable leave to its employees is in compliance with the act and is not required to provide its employees any additional leave.

1/7/2009(House) Introduced, referred to Education Committee
1/22/2009(House) Committee on Education Witness Testimony and/or Committee Discussion Only
1/29/2009(House) Amended by Education Committee
2/5/2009(House) Referred to House Committee of the Whole
2/6/2009(House) Passed Second Reading with Amendments
2/9/2009(House) Passed Third Reading
2/9/2009(Senate) Introduced in Senate; Assigned to Education
3/12/2009(Senate) Senate Committee on Education Refer Amended to Senate Committee of the Whole
3/17/2009(Senate) Senate Second Reading Laid Over Daily
3/23/2009(Senate) Senate Second Reading Passed With Amendments
3/24/2009(Senate) Senate Third Reading Passed
3/25/2009(House) House Considered Senate Amendments; Result was to Not Concur; Request Conference Committee
4/16/2009First Conference Committee Result was to Adopt Rerevised w/ Amendments
4/27/2009(Senate) Consideration of First Conference Committee Report result was to Adopt Committee Report—repass
5/4/2009(House) Consideration of First Conference Committee Report result was to Adopt Committee Report —Repass
5/12/2009(House) Signed by Speaker of the House
5/14/2009Sent to the Governor
6/1/2009Governor Action—Signed

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