Join us in Season 2 of HSLDA’s Weekly Video Series for a closer look at the meaning of the past and the promise of the future!

The United States has been blessed with a rich heritage, including freedom for citizens to believe as we feel called and to act in accordance with our beliefs. Our right to homeschool is based on religious freedom and parental rights. It is up to us—and our children—to preserve these freedoms!

Watch and be inspired as we take a closer look at the benefits of homeschooling, some historical battles for homeschooling freedom, and the importance of protecting and preserving that freedom for future generations. You’ll be encouraged as you pass on freedom's torch to your own children.

S2E5—Strength Together with Rudy Hugo

Ever feel lonely and overwhelmed on your homeschooling journey? Find inspiration and encouragement as Rudy Hugo, president of New York State Loving Education at Home, shares his passion for helping homeschoolers join together to support each other and achieve their goals.

S2E1—To Protect and to Pass On

Listen to timeless encouragement from America’s fortieth president, Ronald Reagan: “It is your time to explain to another generation the meaning of the past and thereby hold out to them their promise of the future. It is these truths and traditions that define our civilization and make up our national heritage. Now they’re yours—to protect and pass on.”

S2E2—Setting Our Priorities

While academics are often central in homeschooling, this short film encourages parents to take a holistic approach to education, nurturing their children’s spirits, character, talents, and relationships as well. Join Joyce Burges of National Black Home Educators, Mike Smith and Mike Farris of HSLDA USA, and Paul Faris of HSLDA Canada.

S2E3—Investing Your Love

Join homeschool pioneers Zan and Joe Tyler for an inspiring story of how they started homeschooling, risked jail to continue teaching their children, and became part of the fight to preserve home education freedom in South Carolina. “One key reason for the success of homeschooling…,” Zan explains, “is the motivation and love of the parent for the child.”

S2E4—The Day of Small Beginnings

Join Joyce Burges, homeschool pioneer and cofounder of National Black Home Educators, as she shares her family’s homeschooling journey. She encourages parents not to despise “the day of small beginnings because those small beginnings turn into so much more of what God wants to do with you and your family….The things that you teach your children—the little basic things like table manners, and how to pray every night, and character building with your children…” Today, Joyce and Eric enjoy seeing the wonderful fruit that has grown from those little daily moments.