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 Top Stories (2014 Archive)


“Common Core” Encourages Proliferation of Nationalized Education Standards

Family Fights for Sick Homeschooled Child

Religious Freedom Bill Passes—With Drama

“Home School Student” Redefined for HOPE Scholarship

New Law Recognizes Home Instruction


Get a GED or Get Out!

Labor Laws Become Homeschool-Friendly

Armed Forces Finally Accept Homeschool Enlistees on Equal Terms

Attorney General Addresses Open Enrollment

Common Core: An International Failure

Attorney General Dismisses Case against Homeschooler

Peace in Pittsylvania

HSLDA’s Jim Mason Testifies before Congress against Proposed IRS Regulations

Gasconade Apologizes for Notice Gaffe


Teachers Other Than Parents for Homeschooled Students

HSLDA to Testify against Proposed IRS Free Speech Infringement

Bill Would Change Access to Public School Classes

False Reports of Child Abuse Now Illegal

HSLDA to U.S. Department of Education: Leave Homeschoolers Alone!

Common Core Opponents tell Legislature that Children are Not Common, Not Cars

Congress to Education Establishment: Time to End the Common Core

Court Rejects Legislature’s Superintendent “Shell” Game

Invoking Religious Freedom Leads to Truancy Charge

School District Invents Evaluation Form


School District Demands Use of “Official” Form

GED Replaced in Some States

Boycotting Tests Is Helping Stop the Common Core

School District Says Certified Teacher Must Evaluate Homeschool

School District Operating Under Old Law

IRS Attempts to Muzzle Organizations from Talking About Politics

Superintendent Says Homeschoolers Must Show Equivalent Instruction

Bills Would Change Access to Public School Classes

Major Victory for Homeschool Military Enlistees

Homeschool Affidavits: Health and Medical Services/Immunization Requirements