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 Top Stories (2005 Archive)


Washington Times Op—ed——Charter Schools are Government Controlled

Home Owners Association Threatens Homeschool

Texas School District Threatens Family with Truancy Charges

Michigan School District Makes Unusual Demand

Homeschool Graduates Now Considered "Preferred Enlistees"

TSSAA Updates Policy for Homeschooled Athletes

Nevada Family Surprised at Night by Police and Social Worker

Announcing the 2005 HSLDA Photo Contest Winners


Washington Times Op—ed—Complete Control Over What is Taught

An Israeli Law Firm Fights for Homeschool Freedoms

District Requirements Contrary to State Law

Harassment in McDowell County

Church School Requirements for Home Instruction

There’s No Place Like Home

Unreasonable School District Files Criminal Charges Against a Homeschool Family

Heeding the Lesson of Good Citizenship

Principal Retracts Truancy Threat in Special Needs Case


Ruling Vindicates Private School Option

Family Receives Visit from Superintendent

Army Offering More Benefits to Homeschool Graduates

The Dr. Phil Show

Washington Times Op—ed—Suspicion Can Bring Intrusions on Family

Defending a Family's Right to Privacy at the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals

Michigan Social Worker Harasses Homeschool Family

HSLDA’s Philadelphia National Conference


Washington Times Op—ed—Giving Children A Fresh Start After Storms

Two New Web Items — Blog Watch and RSS Feeds

Homeschool Non—Discrimination Bill Introduced in Congress

Labors of Love Educate U.S. Children

Home School Foundation Hurricane Response


Religious Freedom is Endangered But States Are Fighting Back

Homeschoolers Score Higher on ACT College Entrance Exam

Generation Joshua was Featured on ABC News' World News Tonight with Peter Jennings

Washington Times Op—ed — Choice Answers Education Questions


PepsiAmerica Rejects, then Hires Homeschool Graduates

Federal Judge Comes to Aid of Homeschool Students

Washington Times Op—ed — Training a New Generation of Leaders

House Subcommittee Proposes to End College Discrimination Against Homeschoolers

Announcing the Results of the Fourth Annual HSLDA Essay Contest

Washington Times Op—ed — Taking Up the Mantle of the Founders


Congress Fails to Protect Parental Rights in Mental Health Screening Programs

Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)

Preschool Loosens Parent Child Bonds

Homeschooler Wins Second Place in National Spelling Bee!

Minnesota Homeschooler Wins 2005 National Geographic Bee

California School Official Claims Right to Approve private homeschools


New Tax Credit Legislation Will Benefit Homeschoolers

Fifth—grader’s Poster Wins Arbor Day Award

Pennsylvania: Social Worker Search Violated Constitution

Washington Times Op—ed — A New Generation of Moral Leadership

Homeschoolers Protected as House Education Committee Reauthorizes Head Start

Indiana: Social Worker Violates State Law

Victory — Department of Justice Drops Appeal

Washington Times Op—ed — Creating a New "Conventional Wisdom"


HSLDA Defends New York Family Against Intrusive Special Education Evaluation

Topics Selected for the Fourth Annual HSLDA Essay Contest

School District Overreacts and Files Truancy Charges

Washington Times Op—ed — Military Levels Playing Field for Recruits


Army Opens Doors Wide for Homeschool Graduates

Homeschooling is Growing in Hungary and Romania

Washington Times Op—ed — Public Education Isn't Preparing Teens

Mental—Health Screening


Washington Times Op—ed — Over—Regulation Threatens Freedom

Homeschool Team Wins B.E.S.T. Robotics Competition

Two State Legislatures Push for Daytime Curfews

Homeschooling Under Fire in 2005 Legislative Sessions

Washington Times Op—ed — Rising for freedom here and abroad


Washington Times Op—ed — Homeschooling Freedom Threatened in Germany

HSLDA Senior Counsel Receives Prestigious Award

Changes Made to the NCAA Application Process

Private School Affidavit Removed from the Website of the California Department of Education

Washington Times Op—ed — Homeschooling Comes of Age

"Homeschooling Illegal" Declares German School Official