Homeschooling: Special Needs
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Obtain Assistance In Meeting Your Child’s Special Needs

HSLDA is convinced that homeschooling may be the best way to meet the special needs of children who learn differently, and we are committed to assisting and protecting parents in this endeavor.

Families who choose to homeschool children with special learning needs often face a difficult battle. Therefore, providing the best legal protection requires each family’s conscientious assistance.

HSLDA encourages parents who are homeschooling a child with special needs to utilize the services of a private, local educational consultant. If therapy/related services, and/or testing is needed, HSLDA strongly recommends parents to secure those services outside of the public school setting.

Find a Professional Near You:

For this reason, the HSLDA Special Needs Department is pleased to provide our HSLDA members the following database. This database includes educational consultants, therapists, tutors, testers, counselors, educational diagnosticians, and other experts, such as licensed psychologists. Most of the professionals on this list have been recommended by other homeschool families as being homeschool friendly. HSLDA has not, however, independently verified the credentials, expertise, or homeschool friendliness of those on this list. Should you choose to work with a professional listed in this database and encounter an individual who is less than professional or is unsupportive to the homeschooling community, HSLDA would welcome your feedback.


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