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Education Online’s revolutionary artificial intelligence based tutoring technology allows students to practice solving SAT and PSAT math problems to improve their skills and then take timed practice tests to measure their improvement. Our online proprietary software acts like a personal tutor. It allows users to show their work and if they get stuck, the software analyzes what has been done so far and tells you the next step to take by offering hints and sample problems. If a mistake is made, the software shows you where you went wrong and what to do to correct the mistake. It is like having a personal tutor available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week no matter where you may be. No other SAT/PSAT Math Test Preparation tutor or organization comes close to offering what we do in quality, accessibility, results or price. None!

EOL’s software offers students two ways to prepare for the SAT/ PSAT examinations—you can be tutored in SAT/PSAT math problems or you can take timed practice tests. Each practice set was prepared by experienced math teachers and will allow you to work on practice sets that mirror the sections of SAT/PSAT tests. However, with EOL you will do more than just solve problems.

The software figures out what strategy you’re trying to use and then tells you what the next step should be. If a mistake is made, the software figures out your mistake and explains what you did wrong and what you should have done instead. You can then correct your mistake and redo the problem.

Timed tests give you experience under realistic testing conditions. Each test consists of three math sections and is timed and scored just like in the real SAT/PSAT exam. Each test was prepared by an award-winning, experienced math test developer.

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