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Sunshine Learning Center
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The Sunshine Learning Center is the first and largest center designed specifically for homeschoolers in the state of Florida. For over 13 years, they have built a reputation as South Florida’s leading center for homeschool classes.

Recently, the Sunshine Learning Center has expanded its classes online, and is eager to demonstrate a new, interactive, and highly effective way to teach math to homeschoolers. Following our time tested approach in the classroom with thousands of homeschoolers, we work to teach each student in a way he or she will understand the material best. Most of our instructors have over a decade of experience teaching math to the unique and diverse styles of homeschool students.

Whether you have a struggling student or a student who needs to be challenged more, Sunshine classes are fun and effective. Sessions focus not just on homework, but also on important study habits necessary for success in math and beyond.

In order to demonstrate the effectiveness of the new online math format and to promote their new online classes, the Sunshine Learning Center will provide any interested HSLDA family a free hour of math tutoring with a live instructor using the new online classroom. All you need to participate is a USB headset, a good internet connection, and a valid HSLDA member number to receive this free hour of help.
828-707-4390 Tony (direct line)

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