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Core Academy of Science
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Science can be intimidating, especially when it touches on issues of our Christian faith. We offer a variety of educational programs to help Christians of all walks of life better understand how science impacts us all.

For homeschool students in middle and high school, Core Academy offers teacher-supervised, online science classes. Our courses consist of video lessons featuring Core Academy scientists, notes and study guides, solo and interactive homework assignments, easy labs you can do at home, and quizzes and tests to assess your learning.

All of these activities are supervised by a teacher who will interact with you by email and Skype.

Our courses are compatible with multiple textbooks, and the online format gives you scheduling flexibility. Standard one-year courses can even be completed in just one semester with our accelerated course option.

With HSLDA membership you can take advantage of a 25% discount on selected courses.

Scientists and scholars design and supervise all educational programs, with a special emphasis on resolving the creation/evolution debate. Our one semester “Introduction to Origins” course covers the basics of the modern creation-evolution debate.

Core Academy Distinctives

  • Committed Young-Age Creationists
  • Scientist-led science classes
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Compatible with multiple textbooks
  • Affordable

To receive the 25% HSLDA discount on standard and accelerated Core Academy courses, simply choose the HSLDA option of the class you would like to take and add it to your cart. At checkout, you will be required to supply your HSLDA member number.

To see our current course offerings please visit:

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