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CHALK Preschool Online
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CHALK Preschool Online is a revolutionary new online program developed from an established curriculum. Your children can begin their educational journey with a hands-on educational experience that incorporates lessons in literacy, math, science and art.

CHALK Preschool was founded in Chicago in 2005. The success of its initial six schools resulted in a nationwide demand for more locations. The online version, which embodies the successful curriculum of the brick-and-mortar schools, was created to accommodate the requests and furnish a full-scale, user-friendly mobile learning experience.

CHALK Preschool Online emulates the classroom setting with vibrant videos to engage children. With over 8,000 videos exclusively produced for the program, every day of the week provides a new step in a continuing educational journey. Motor skills are encouraged by dancing along to original songs that reflect the learning standards. Core subjects are introduced and then re-enforced through developmentally appropriate, hands-on activities. Children can complete a full school day with multiple lessons in literacy, math, science and art.

The structure of the program allows lessons to be taught with a structured program or customized to each individual’s schedule. And through screen share it also allows for out-of-state grandparents or loved ones serving oversees to participate.

This program is a great compliment to your current home school curriculum. There are other programs that are designed so parents can stick their children in front of a television with virtually no educational benefit. It’s CHALK’s intention to get parents involved, to allow them to have fun, and to encourage them to do so while learning. CHALK believes that children experience awe and wonder every day and that any moment can be turned into a teachable moment.

CHALK Preschool Online can be used as a stand-alone alternative for a fraction of the cost or as a supplement to a formal preschool education.

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