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TotalSATPrep™ creates an individualized online experience designed to help your student achieve success on the SAT. Written exclusively by Harvard graduates who maximized their own SATs, it’s delivered on the most advanced online learning system available. Each student receives lessons, followed by practice and quizzes. Based on quiz results, students will receive personalized “Guided Practice Activities” to correct weaknesses and reinforce strengths. Section quizzes identify need for additional support. Test anxiety is measured and addressed to reduce the negative impact of low testing confidence or careless mistakes due to poor test-taking strategies. Students get precisely what they need, just when they need it—delivered to their computer, smart phone, tablet, or iPad. Each student will create a personal strategy using our online tools that optimizes his or her strengths, corrects weaknesses, and focuses on increasing scores in increments.

Students: To really maximize your score on the SAT, you’ll need to do just three things:

  1. Set your personal strategy to achieve the score you want on the test
  2. Build your strength areas and eliminate (or reduce) your weak areas
  3. Understand exactly what each question is asking and how to correctly arrive at the answer.

We’ll teach you what you don’t know, how to best use what you do know, how to recognize tricky questions, and how to set a personal strategy to achieve the score you want. To reduce test anxiety, you may plan to return to reset strategy and re-take the SAT up to three times—all for the discounted price!

Only the TotalSATPrep™ program is designed to help you create a strategy for success and is supported by a learning platform that can guide the acquisition of successful behaviors. TotalSATPrep™ is web-based, secure and available 24/7 on your computer, smartphone, tablet, or iPad. It’s always available when you are ready to study. The program contains 25 comprehensive learning modules, each supported by practice sessions, quizzes, guided practice activities, and practice exams.

For more SAT information and resources visit: WWW.TOTALSATPREP.COM

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