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The EDUSS Solution consists of five individual tools that provide you with a complete homeschool curriculum solution covering math, English grammar, comprehension, vocabulary and phonics reading.

Gap Scan Technology: The EDUSS Gap Scan Technology is the intelligent multi-dimensional assessment engine that has the ability to not only identify your child’s level of knowledge but also their foundational level of understanding. The engine will also expose your child to various learning styles to facilitate the best learning style for your child.

Automated Differentiated Diagnostic Assessment: Most often, learning gaps only become evident sometime after they occur. The EDUSS diagnostic assessment is designed to search for and identify these learning gaps by using the Gap Scan Technology, even if they occurred earlier in your child’s learning career. This forms the basis for the individualized learning plan for your child.

Gap Recovery Plan: On the basis of information gleaned in the comprehensive diagnostic assessment, the Solution generates a learning plan that is specifically designed to meet the individual child’s needs. It is not a one size fits all. Each child begins his/her learning program at the level of proficiency identified in the assessment in each and every strand assessed.

Personal Instructor: The personal instruction module of the Solution provides fully narrated step-by-step instruction in any topic of need to the student. Because different students learn differently, EDUSS has been careful to design this instructional module to meet the needs of different learning styles.

Student Management System: The EDUSS Student Manager System provides real-time monitoring and mapping through one integrated reporting interface making it easy for you to track and monitor the activity of each of your children individually. Real-time information helps you make instructional decisions and/or adjustments. Complete reports are available at any time for every component of your child’s learning Cycle: Assessment, Tutorial, Progress Made, Practice Results, Homework Results, and Quiz/Test Results.

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