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A Plan In Place
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A Plan in Place offers homeschool planners that are customized to fit your schedule, your family, and your life. Instead of taking a pre-made, standard planner and forcing your schedule to conform to the planner’s layout, we create a weekly schedule page specifically for you, based on your choices from our step-by-step Customization Form. Then we add Goals & Planning and Record Keeping forms, yearly and monthly calendars, and keepsake sheets and bind it all together to create a planner that will absolutely work for you.

Our products include:

The Student Edition gives you everything you need to schedule assignments, activities and projects for your student. 40 customized Weekly Schedule pages will keep your student on track all year.

The High School Edition enables you to track credits, plan for graduation, and record everything necessary for your high schooler. This planner makes high school record keeping a breeze!

The Teacher Edition takes the best feature of the Student Editions—the ability to customize Weekly Schedule Sheets—and adds planning forms perfect for the homeschool mom.

We also offer two non-customized products for your family: an Early Learner Edition for younger students who aren’t quite ready for the in-depth Student Editions, and a Summer Edition planner and journal, to keep your summer just as organized as your school year. You’ll also find some great accessories to make your planners even more effective.

We are excited to be a part of HSLDA’s PerX program and pleased to offer a 10% discount on all products to HSLDA members. We look forward to helping you put A Plan in Place for your school year!

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