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My School Year is your partner during your homeschool years. With our secure online service, you have 24 hour access to your records from anywhere with an internet connection! No downloads, no installations, no compatibility worries, no manuals to read.

Some of the great features that you will have at your assistance: generate lesson plans, report cards, and transcripts easily. Track student activities with logs for field trips, reading, awards, and special projects. Easily record attendance, input standardized test scores, or look up class materials. My School Year will continue to introduce new features that are included with your subscription at no additional cost. You benefit from the latest technology and have even greater flexibility in your choices.

Your records are safe and password protected. You decide when to make changes or updates at your convenience. My School Year takes the paperwork, notebooks, and cluttered notes that you used to have and organizes the school year into a convenient and manageable system. You now have an even easier way to plan for each school year and each student!

Our system is designed for ease of use by a homeschooling family. Time is essential, and we are here to make record keeping easy and hassle free! Joining My School Year will give you the experience associated with having your own personal assistant in preparing and maintaining your school records. My School Year has a counselor link on every page to assist you if the need ever arises.

We are excited to offer HSLDA members a savings of over 15% off your annual subscription! Now you can spend more time helping your struggling learner, reading to your preschoolers, or building projects, and most importantly -nurturing strong relationships. Remember you are not alone, take control and truly say, “It is My School Year!”

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