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Ocean Calm Photography
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Ocean Calm Photography is a respected provider of original artwork at attractive prices for the discerning decorator. These unique, premium quality landscape prints are sure to impress and enhance your decorating space. High quality frames are also available.

From the mountains to the ocean, our carefully crafted picturesque prints are guaranteed to be an important part of your decorating selections. These prints are great for gifts and decorating home, church, or office. Decorate your home school classroom with beauty and inspiration. Several of the selections are available with inspirational Scripture verses.

Go to to view the complete selection (you will need to “Request Discount” in order to get the discount code to use at checkout). HSLDA members can save an amazing 15% on prints and frames (excluding taxes, shipping, and handling; $75 minimum order applies). In order to support home schooling causes, Ocean Calm Photography will contribute 10% of all sales to the Home School Foundation.

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