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Career Vision is endorsed by FamilyLife's "College Ready" program

Today’s students need to approach college with a PURPOSE and a PLAN aligned with how they are uniquely made. Knowing who they are and where their abilities lie are crucial. CAREER VISION offers career assessments that can help you guide your children to find their college and career direction.

A student’s course of study in college and the future careers they’re most likely to enjoy and find success in will be those that use their specific aptitudes. Our consultants will identify your child’s unique profile of aptitudes, interests, values, and personality and recommend careers and related college majors. We’ll also provide direction and support for exploring careers and decision-making.


  • Step 1: Call us to choose the package option best for your child and the assessment date. Come to our Chicago-area location or choose our convenient distance option. HSLDA families receive a 9% or greater discount; family discounts are available.
  • Step 2: Your child meets with our consultant and completes our comprehensive assessment (Ball Aptitude Battery®, and interests, values, and personality instruments).
  • Step 3: You and your child participate in an enlightening 1.5 or 3 hr. discussion about assessment results, top strengths, and personalized list of career recommendations and college majors. Your child receives a portfolio which contains assessment results, information on their career options, and tools to make exploration, decision-making, and planning easier and more accurate.
  • Step 4: You and your child create an action plan to learn about these career options and move toward decisions. Our support continues with monthly newsletters and access to coaching.
  • Career Vision has worked with many homeschool families:

    Once your children are second-semester sophomores in high school, they’re ready for Career Vision. Visit to learn about our assessment packages.

    Call 630 469-6270 today for more information or to discuss your child’s educational plans.

    HSLDA families receive 9% discount; family discounts available.

    Career Vision ( is a division of the not-for-profit Ball Foundation.

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