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4tNox ( is proud to work with HSLDA and offer Life Finances to its Membership at a 65% discount of the $55 retail price.

Life Finances was designed to meet the most exhaustive state standards of personal finance education and is aligned with suggested national standards.


4tNox is a leading voice in experiential, virtual, and interactive design and development of 21st century courseware. Life Finances was developed collaboratively by using a multi-team approach. Experienced educators, financial practitioners, fine artists, and technologists designed and built a story-based, interactive, personal finance course which is fun and effective for a wide array of students. Life Finances’ target age group is 16-21 (though younger and older students have benefitted from the course).

The course focuses on a number of specific topics: credit, banking, investments, insurance, mortgage finance, taxes, charitable giving, etc. Within these topics, a multitude of subtopics, key terms, and basic calculations will be presented to the students including payday loans, credit scores, mutual funds, IRAs, FICA tax, Future Values, deductibles, APRs, gambling, balance sheets, etc. Students are required to work through various life situations which force decisions that impact their finances.

One benefit of Life Finances is that a student can earn college credit while fulfilling high school requirements and learning about managing money. For more information about earning college credits, contact our office at 405-415-5761 or e-mail

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