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Blue Panther LLC
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Blue Panther makes fast, engaging wooden games for family fun and education. Easy to learn, high quality components made in USA. 15% Discount for HSLDA Members. Our products include:

Pulling Strings - Melds high-quality wooden components, simultaneous moves, easy rules and a fast moving, fun game. You can also use it to learn something new. The starter set includes double sided English alphabet and ASL (American Sign Language) alphabet tiles. 15% discount for HSLDA Members. Greek letter and Roman Numeral Expansions now available. 2 Players, 15-30 minutes.

Cambridge – a fast, fun word game with the alphabet as your playing board – Super Hangman with a twist – includes regular rules and instructions for homeschool parent use with children of varying ages. 2-5 players, 30-45 minutes.

Taiji – simple rules, deep strategy, each piece contains two colors and every turn you try to improve your score, but you may also be helping your opponents. 2 players, 20-30 minutes

Sudoku Tactics – a new twist on your favorite math puzzle, use the rules of Sudoku to score points – also can be used to solve your favorite math puzzle. Play solitaire, competitive or cooperative. High quality wooden tiles and a wood board. 2-5 players, 30-60 minutes.

Point your browser to for full information on these and other family-friendly titles in the Blue Panther product line. Be sure to include your HSLDA membership number in the “comments field” of your order to receive the discount. Blue Panther accepts Paypal and all major credit cards through our secure Paypal gateway.

Blue Panther donates 10% of every PerX sale to the Home School Foundation.

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