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Homeschoolers Get Computer Software for up to 85% OFF

For over 20 years has been the leading provider of academic software and technology related products and services to the K–12 and Higher education markets. With a mission of advancing education through technology, has served millions of students, educators and schools nationwide.

Homeschooled students are eligible to purchase academic versions of software and hardware at up to 85% off of retail prices at Academic versions of software are almost always identical to the retail priced versions. Major brands such as Microsoft, Adobe, Avid, IBM, Rosetta Stone, Corel and more are available.

  • Tens of thousands of discounted titles to shop
  • Parents/guardians can purchase on behalf of K–12 students
  • Simple & easy academic eligibility guidelines
  • is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau and has saved students hundreds of millions of dollars over buying retail.

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