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Highlands Ability Battery
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We offer a 20% discount on the Highlands Ability Battery, an online assessment of your natural abilities, plus a two-hour telephone conference with one of our Certified Affiliates. The Battery is neither an IQ test, nor a test of academic achievement — but it does tell you what your natural talents are.

Take the Highlands Ability Battery, talk to one of our Counselors and get these answers:

  • Are you naturally a generalist or a specialist? Specialists are happiest in work that lets them shine as individuals (law, medicine, science, music). Generalists prefer to work with others to achieve a common goal (business, administration, advertising, sales, and politics).
  • Are you an extrovert or an introvert? Are you gregarious, outgoing, easy at conversation, or are you introspective, reserved, and reticent in groups?
  • How far into the future can you see? Are you able to foresee the steps to your goals? Do you have the foresight to anticipate obstacles along the way?
  • How do you solve problems? Do you rely on the facts you’re given (inductive reasoning), or do you first determine if you have all the facts and, if not, look for others to reach a decision logically (deductive reasoning)?
  • How quickly do you develop ideas and solutions for a new problem?
  • How do you deal with abstractions? Are your thoughts directed to the world of ideas or do you apply yourself to the practical? Are you a philosopher or an engineer, a newspaper editor or a pressman?
  • How do you study and learn best? By reading and observing? By listening? By the numbers? Through images and charts? Through movement and physical action? How much would your grades improve if you knew these answers?
  • How well do you use your powers of observation? How well do you respond to changes in the environment?
  • How much musical talent do you have? Should you take courses in music? Do you have the talent to follow a career in music?
  • How broad is your vocabulary? What impact will your vocabulary have on your career? Have you a plan for learning and using new words? Will your vocabulary make your goals difficult to reach?

So many questions. And the answers all lie in the Highlands Ability Battery. Want to learn more and get your 20% discount? Call Kim Mumola, the Highlands Company, 800-373-0323 or e-mail to

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