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Select Choice is offering HSLDA members a 10% discount on all of our live online PSAT, SAT and ACT test preparation services, including our test prep modules, cram sessions, and essay workshops.

What are Online Test Prep Courses? In an online course, students sit at a computer in the comfort of their own home, or anywhere they have a computer and Internet connection. They just click on a link in an email invitation, and are taken to a live online classroom. Once there, the instructor, will start the class, put up test materials on a white board, work out problems, ask questions and may have students come to the board, just like in a live classroom.

What are Test Prep Modules? The test prep modules provide highly interactive small group instruction. All sessions are lead by a live instructor and limited to a maximum of 8 students. Each module targets a specific area of the test. During the module, students will complete and score several practice tests.

What are Cram Sessions? Cram sessions are each two hours long. During the session, an experienced coach will work through one section of the SAT (Reading, Writing, Math) or one section of the ACT (Reading, English, Math, Science). The instructor will demonstrate appropriate test taking strategies, as well as review the academic areas addressed by the problem.

What are Essay Workshops? During essay workshops, students will learn how to write a high scoring essay for the SAT or ACT. During the workshop, students will write practice essays that will be scored and critiqued.

How to Receive the Discount:

  1. Visit our website
  2. Review our courses and schedule to see which courses best fit your student’s needs.
  3. Contact Select Choice either by phone (877-641-2127) or email ( for additional information and to apply for your courses.
  4. When signing up, be sure to use the discount code HSLDA to qualify for the discount.
*   By submitting your email address we will use it to send you instructions on how to apply for this discount. This email will not be used for any purpose other than to inform you of details regarding this discount offer.