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Do you know what your name means? We would love to tell you at www.Meaning.Name

Learn the great treasure and purpose God has placed in the meaning of your name. Browse insightful research, NameStories and over 1300 personalized designs and products. Choose a unique design for each person on coffee mugs, keepsake boxes, NamePlaques and our special two-name WidePlaques in a specially sized frame!

CrossTimber is a homeschool-family-run business that LOVES encouraging others through the meanings of their names from a Biblical perspective.

Each name meaning gift includes the name, origin, cultural/historical meaning, an encouraging life meaning, and a supporting, uplifting, hand-picked Bible verse. You can choose from hundreds of beautiful designs for your name gift, including butterflies, babies, animals, flowers, and beautifully set symbols of faith. You can further personalize any of your gifts with matching bookmarks or a personal message on the back.

Our history

CrossTimber is a 3rd-generation homeschool project. Jim and Jeanne Dehnart and were involved with the AD-HOC committee that contributed to the 1989 development of the Ohio Home Education Regulations that still stand today. As part of home educating, they encouraged their son John to start his own business, CrossTimber Printing, when he was 13.

During a Driver’s Ed. class, John’s fellow students attacked him for being “homeschooled”. Rather than respond in anger, John chose to bless by making name meaning cards for each student. Those gifts proved such a success in blessing others that John made thousands more and gave them to everyone he met, including a young lady named Katie, who married John in 2005.

Today, John and Katie homeschool their daughters and son, who help make Bookmarks, Coffee Mugs, NamePlaques, WidePlaques and Names of God artwork. They’d all love to met you and tell you the meaning of your name! www.Meaning.Name. 15% discount for HSLDA members.

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