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Life's Little Lessons To Go
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At a time where so many of the values we’ve held dearly are quickly being eroded, “Life’s Little Lessons To Go” is a tool to help train our kids to think for themselves, and instill in them values of timeless truth.

The Life’s Little Lessons To Go videos stream to smart phones, computers and tablets. The entire digital library of 45 videos is accessed for a $5.00, concurrent monthly membership, or $4.25 with the HSLDA member discount, and can be unsubscribed anytime.

While the stories entertain, they serve as a resource to build character, and to facilitate parents, grandparents and teachers, teachable moments with their kids. Each video teaches important life lessons and ends with a few questions for you to discuss together sparking conversations that will influence their personal growth for a lifetime.

Produced by Crossroads Television System, the stories in Life’s Little Lessons To Go were part of a children’s television series called &dquo;Circle Square” that ran for over 20 years all over the world. The Producers have now made it available to this generation digitally, for private and public use. Timeless truth, for these fast-paced, changing times.

For videos your children can safely stream on line, purchase a membership and Watch on-the-go!

Visit us at: Enjoy.

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