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My Home School Grades
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Alleviate the stress of home school lesson planning, grade keeping, averaging, activity tracking, transcript production, and state reporting with a simple, safe, and secure site that’s accessible from any device.

Manage your student’s grades with ease
With My Home School Grades, entering grades becomes a thing of beauty. Choose your grading system and throw away the calculator!

Use your curriculum and lesson plans
Choose from our extensive curriculum collection or add your own! My Home School Grades also allows you to request that specific curriculum be added.

Track extra curricular activities
My Home School Grades allows you to track all of your student’s activities and awards! From 4-H to community service projects and everything in between, My Home School Grades tracks your involved student.

Need an attendance report? With My Home School Grades, you can track your student’s days and hours and export official reports that meet your state reporting requirements.

Export official, college ready transcripts
Pulling it all together. That’s what the export feature of My Home School Grades allows you to do. Print out official, college ready transcripts for your student.

On a field trip? Our web app works on your laptop, smartphone and tablet
Simple and robust. Easy yet powerful. Anywhere you are. Take My Home School Grades with you on your next home school adventure! My Home School Grades works on most internet enabled devices.

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